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Benefit Assist

We understand that applying for benefits can be a complex and overwhelming process. Whether you're seeking government assistance, healthcare coverage, or other essential benefits, our mission is to simplify the application process and help you access the support you deserve.

Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of benefits applications. We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements to provide you with accurate and timely guidance. We treat every individual with care and respect. Our personalized approach ensures that we understand your specific needs and circumstances, tailoring our services to match your unique situation. 

Applying for benefits can involve complex paperwork and documentation. VJ Tax & Accounting - Benefit Assist takes the stress out of the process by handling all the necessary paperwork and ensuring that your application is completed accurately and efficiently. We work diligently to identify all the benefits you may be eligible for, ensuring that you receive the maximum support available to you.

At VJ Tax & Accounting - Benefit Assist, we believe that everyone deserves access to the benefits and support they need to thrive. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through the application process and ensure that you receive the assistance you deserve.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation, and let Benefit Assist be your trusted partner in navigating benefits applications.

Our Benefit Assist Service Includes finding and applying for available benefits and credits:

  • Canada Child Benefit: CCB is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. The CCB may include the child disability benefit and any related provincial and territorial programs. (Read more on

    • Child Disability Benefit: CDB is a tax-free monthly payment made to families who care for a child under age 18 with a severe prolonged impairment in physical or mental functions. (Read more on

    • Disability Tax Credit: DTC is a non-refundable tax credit that helps people with impairments, or their supporting family members, reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay. (Read more on

    • Ontario Child Benefit: OCB is a tax-free amount paid to help families provide for their children. OCB is paid with the Canada child benefit in a single monthly payment. (Read more on

  • Ontario Trillium Benefit: OTB is the combined payment of the Ontario energy and property tax credit, the Northern Ontario energy credit, and the Ontario sales tax credit. (Read more on

    • Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit: OEPTC is designed to help low-to-moderate-income Ontario residents with the sales tax on energy and property taxes. (Read more on

    • Northern Ontario Energy Credit: is designed to help low-to moderate-income Northern Ontario residents with the higher energy costs they face living in the north. (Read more on

    • Ontario Sales Tax Credit: is a tax-free payment designed to provide relief to low-to-moderate-income Ontario residents for the sales tax they pay. (Read more on

  • Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant: is intended to help offset property taxes for seniors who own their own home and who have low to moderate incomes. (Read more on

  • Canada Dental Benefit: is intended to help lower dental costs for eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year. Parents and guardians can apply if the child receiving dental care is under 12 years old and does not have access to a private dental insurance plan. (Read more on

  • Canada Education Saving Grant: CESG is a grant from the Government of Canada to help you start saving early for your child's education after high school. (Read more on

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